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“It’s not about working HARDER, it’s about working the SYSTEM” 
– Evan Spiegel

If you desire to have 1st-class Data Implementation to facilitate future predictions. We are here to help.

Data Crafter by 1stCraft


Are you getting tired of these?

Data Complexity

You’re struggling with complex data, finding it tough to integrate, understand, and derive meaning due to the challenge of combining, analyzing, and interpreting.

Data Garbage

Unanalyzed data is chaos. Just as organizing items adds value, interpreting data gives it meaning.

Data Implication

Don’t understand what your data is telling you? Discover Hidden Business Opportunities! Let Your Data Guide You to Smarter Decisions and Business Growth.


Big Data Implementation

Strategic Planning

Developing a clear and organized strategy for how data will be utilized, transformed, visualized, and integrated to achieve specific business goals.

Easy to understand

To simplify and present data in a clear and accessible manner can be a significant advantage. We focus on effective data visualization techniques.

Data Expertise

We possess in-depth knowledge and skills related to various aspects of data, such as data analysis, data manipulation, data transformation, data modeling, and more.

Training​ & Presentation

We ensure that you will have the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively utilize the implemented solutions. Let’s enhance the overall effectiveness together.

Predict the future

Employing various data analysis techniques, such as predictive modeling and forecasting, to analyze historical data and identify patterns that can help you predict future events or trends.


We offer thorough reports on both presentations and manuals docs to effectively communicate findings, recommendations, and implemented solutions to our clients.


What we provide?

Data Cleansing

Quality data is essential for successful data-driven outcomes.

Data Visualization

Transforms raw data into visual narratives, making things easier.

Data Transformation

A fundamental process in the realm of data management and analysis.

Data Model

Harnesses the power of data to anticipate future events or behaviors.

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